XLS 4.0 Macros and Covenant

The aim of this little experiment was to utilise XLS 4.0 macros to deliver a covenant stager, I have been working on numerous initial delivery mechanisms for C2 frameworks and have been spending time working through malicious macro development and pulling inspiration from current maldoc analysis. There are numerous posts on using XLS 4.0 macros … Continue reading XLS 4.0 Macros and Covenant

Week 5, all your domain are belong to us.

tl;dr - 1 box left in the public network. Domain admin feels good. Still an exam fearing mutha. Tightening the screws and working on speed of enumeration, VM preperataion and cheatsheet production. So another week has flown by. Feels like I'm writing these posts every day! Pretty productive week this week. Feeling a bit more … Continue reading Week 5, all your domain are belong to us.