Follow me anywhere cloud sync within a Kali VM.

Moving between Kali vm’s on various machines can be a pain. I use 3 different machines with 3 different Kali vm’s using virtual box. I use git for the code snippits and exploit saving however general files, screenshots, tools and writeups I sync using Insync combined with my googledrive. Give Insync a google they arn’t free but work very well with all my devices and distros across windows and linux. Its also a one off payment, which suited me fine as they keep the product up to date and keep up with google drive changes and features. I keep all info shared with VM’s without adding a sync client to the actual Kali VM, I like to keep them as just a tool really. I try not to use accounts on the VM for sites that require log in, and any that are used tend to be throwaway or related to whatever I’m doing at that time.

To get around this I use Virtual box shared host folders which are then synced to my cloud storage account through my primary host OS. It removes the reliance on having the VM running to access files as well.

Initial step is to create a shared folder on your virtual box vm. You must have virtualbox guest additions installed and working on the VM for this to work.

Creating the share is pretty straight forward. Simply select a local file location in the folder path. This will be the area sync’d to your GoogleDrive. The mount point is the VM file location used. So in my case I throw anything I want to share to all machines into /mnt/HTBSHARE on my Kali VM. Tick automount so it’ll always be there on boot in your VM, and off you go. You can create multiple mounts for different folders if you want. Thats one of the bonus’s of Insync is you can select specific folders for sync You don’t have to sync entire file locations just the ones that matter.

Once you Have you created the share you simply open the insync client and select the Folder path for sync and create a corresponding folder on your GoogleDrive, this is all done from the client. Again you can create as many of these as you need. The only file Shared across all my Kali VM’s is HTB and OSCP. Sync Can be run on a request basis or it can run constantly.

You simply repeat the above steps for you other VM’s and simple as that you have a consistant share for all files and tools that is mirrored across all of your VM’s. No more scrabbling around looking for a tool you used months ago or a script you forgot to commit. Its all taken care of for you, and even better its all managed from your primary OS not a VM.

There are free alternatives to insync as well, I can’t comment on how well these work. I did use rclone for a while but I found that for this particular job a pain to install and config on all devices. Insync is also available on the AUR! even better. Hope that helps, you guys may have a better way of doing this but I have found this really works for me and my inability to remember to commit and move things.

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