Day 0. The OSCP journey begins.

So, this will be the general ramblings of me, a two year old sysadmin going for OSCP. I have just signed up and due to start in a little over 3 weeks. I am hoping to keep the process documented here mainly for my own sanity and to compile thoughts and notes on the process as I go.

So a little about me…

I have been looking at attaining my OSCP for over 2 years now, it has always been a big driving factor in my career path. I started off in IT around 6 years ago as a basic, IT tech plugging in and building user machines for an organisation of around 10,000 users. It was a good start, however not where I wanted to be. But we all have to start somewhere. Having turned down a University place to go and work instead it was just good to get my foot in the door! However shortly in I was thrust into a management position about a year or two into my tech life, as apparently that’s the only way to progress… This seemed to be a fairly stupid attitude of my then managers. Which took me on a few year detour from my goals sadly.

After a few years of hating managment, I knuckled down. Decided I wanted to get back to being techy, as it was the main reason I got into IT in the first place. I studied and completed my CompTIA A+, Net+ and Security+. These exams were good, very basic and were little more than ways of validating what you know to get past the HR departments. It was around this time I also discovered Kali and Vulnhub.

Luckily I caught a break shortly after completing my CompTIA exams, a position opened up in my organisations infrastructure team, so I applied with little hope of getting the position. Luckily however I was given a shot at it. The rest is history so to speak. The organisation I work for has its flaws, but has enabled me to get hands on with pretty much every big piece of industry systems, software and hardware. This has been massively helpful in learning everything I can. That combined with some stupidly talented co-workers it has been a fantastic learning environment. Now however its time for the OSCP. I have been building towards this for some time. I decided to go for a sysadmin job on the grounds it would solidify my fundamentals in IT and eventually lead me to pen testing. I figured what better way to prepare for a IT sec career than a sysadmin, if you can put everything together and see how it all works, breaking it should be easy right!?

So that’s me, I will keep this blog updated as best I can with useful snips of information I find along the way. Hopefully this will be useful to someone else following the same path.

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